Aria Blaze

Aria Blaze ponied-up EG2

Aria Blaze's half-siren form in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Aria Blaze siren ID EG2

A projection of Aria Blaze's siren form in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Aria Blaze pony ID

Aria Blaze as a pony in merchandise artwork

Aria Blaze live-action ID

Human Aria Blaze in "MLP Equestria Girls™ Rainbow Rocks Part 2"

Kind Siren
Sex Female
Residence Equestria (formerly)
Human world
Occupation Student at Canterlot High School
Dazzlings' backup vocalist
More info
Eyes Moderate mulberry
Brilliant mulberry (siren)
Hair Moderate purple with
light brilliant aquamarine streaks (human)
Coat Pale, light grayish fuchsia (human)
Light violet scales with
light purple underbelly and moderate mulberry fins (siren)
Cutie mark
Aria Blaze Cutie Mark
Voice Diana Kaarina
Shylo Sharity (singing)
Aria Blaze is a female human and siren. She is a student from Canterlot High School and one of the main antagonists in the film Rainbow Rocks.

Development and design

Like those of her bandmates Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze's fin-like wings are translucent and non-feathered.

In musical terminology, the word "aria" refers to a long accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera.

Depiction in films

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

In the film, the Dazzlings are introduced in the human world. They are sirens from Equestria who were banished to the human world by Star Swirl the Bearded to keep them from using their dark magic to conquer Equestria. They are first seen in a café causing tension between the patrons, and Aria grumbles about the world's lack of satiating magic. Later, when Sunset Shimmer gives a school tour to Aria and company and mentions the musical showcase, Aria states that they sing "from time to time." She and the Dazzlings later convince the students with their music to turn the friendly Musical Showcase into a Battle of the Bands.

Aria and the Dazzlings use their siren's songs to control the students' opinion and advance through the competition bracket. In the final battle against the Rainbooms, Aria and the Dazzlings are eventually defeated, and the gem pendants with which they controlled the students are destroyed. As a result, their inability to sing leads to them being chased off in disgrace.

Aside from flashbacks, Aria's true form is never physically shown in the film, but she and her fellow band members gain pony-like ears, extended ponytails, and translucent fin-like wings. They also summon astral projections of their true siren forms from their pendants. Aria is also the only member of the Dazzlings who is not referred to by name in the film, although Sonata refers to her by name in the novelization.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

A drawing of Aria's siren form is briefly seen in Friendship Games during the CHS Rally Song. Her siren form can also be seen in one of the human Twilight Sparkle's photos.


A doll of Aria Blaze has been displayed, with packaging additionally showing her and Sonata Dusk's pony versions, at the 2014 American International Toy Fair [1] and on Hasbro's online listings of the product. [2]

Hasbro's Equestria Girls website includes Aria Blaze.[3]

Other depictions Rainbow Rocks description

She’s spirited and sassy and never too shy to speak her mind, but when Aria Blaze takes the stage, her captivating voice is all anyone hears. She works magic at the mic, helping the Dazzlings live up to their name.

Rainbow Rocks Encore description

Aria Blaze is a member of the trouble-making band, the Dazzlings. Even though Aria doesn't play nice on stage, she still has a rockin' sense of style. This fashion star is about to meet her match![4]


Aria Blaze is portrayed as being more level-headed than her companion Sonata Dusk and often speaks in a rather bored disposition. Throughout the film, she is shown to be just as cold and manipulative as her band leader Adagio Dazzle, convincing Trixie into removing the Rainbooms from the competition and joining Adagio in undermining Sunset Shimmer's confidence. She would question Adagio's plans and thinks about being in charge when she suggested Sonata to follow her lead, much to Adagio's anger. Aria also frequently argues with Sonata, occasionally calling her "the worst" and disagreeing with her over trivial matters.


"I wish we'd never been banished to this awful place."
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
"But the Rainblossoms, or whatever they're called, aren't under our spell. How exactly are we supposed to get to their magic?"
— My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
"Go back to sleep, Sonata."
— My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
"I'm kinda busy right now. Can I ignore you some other time?"
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - The Mane Event
"Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah. Me neither."
— My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - The Mane Event


Aria Blaze listening to Adagio EG2

Aria Blaze image gallery


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