Bad Counter Spell
Bad Counter Spell - MLP Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

Bad Counter Spell - MLP Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

Character(s) Twilight Sparkle
The Rainbooms
Sung by Rebecca Shoichet[1]
Music by Daniel Ingram
Caleb Chan, Trevor Hoffman (production)[2]
Lyrics by Meghan McCarthy
Length 1:00
International versions

Bad Counter Spell is the fourth of eleven songs featured in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. The first portion of this song is usually cut when the film is aired on the Discovery Family Channel to allow the 90-minute-with-commercials airtime.


Prior to the film's release, Meghan McCarthy teased on Twitter that the song was the "best worst" song that she and Daniel Ingram had ever written;[3] Ingram later added that the song was a "masterpiece-of-cr*p".[4]


[Twilight Sparkle]
[singing slightly off-key]
Hey, hey, listen
We've got a message for you
We're not all alike
But our friendship is true
Yeah, we're really different
But we still get along
So hey, hey, listen to our song
You may think you're in control
But we're here to prove you wrong
With the friendship in our music
With the power of our song
Gonna stomp our feet, clap our hands
With the magic of friendship
Gonna stop your evil plan


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