1080p Netflix rip Invisible Forgotten Friendship

1080p Netflix rip Invisible Forgotten Friendship

Character(s) Wallflower Blush
Sung by Shannon Chan-Kent
Music by John Jennings Boyd
Lisette Bustamante
Lyrics by Nick Confalone
Length 1:30 (TV and online edit)

Invisible is the second song featured in the Equestria Girls special My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, sung by Wallflower Blush. According to co-director Katrina Hadley, a full extended version of the song exists.[1]


Wallflower runs through crowds of students EGFF

"Invisible, invisible
It's like I don't exist"

[Wallflower Blush]
You don't see me fitting in
I'm sitting here alone
Right beside my shadow
Always on my own
If I could share my wildest dreams
Maybe they would see
I'm more than just a wallflower
There's so much more to me
I'm invisible, invisible
A droplet in the mist
Invisible, invisible
It's like I don't exist
Right beneath my picture
This is what you'll read
A laundry list of nothings
Not likely to succeed
A yearbook with blank pages
That no one wants to sign
A memory forgotten
Until the end of time


  1. Katrina Hadley (2018-02-17). There is a full version. It was easier to have the full song written so we could cut it short as needed/timing allowed. Also credit should go to John Boyd as songwriter.. Twitter. Retrieved on 2018 February 18.
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