James Nichol Kirk
James kirk.jpg
Full name James Nichol Kirk
Sex Male
Birthdate May 2, 1986
Occupation Actor
Voice roles Micro Chips

James Kirk is a Canadian actor who voices Micro Chips in the Equestria Girls shorts and specials.

Born in Vancouver, Canada; Kirk started working as a child actor where appeared in films like Golf Punks, Final Destination, and Once Upon a Christmas as Kyle Morgan. He would reprise the role in the sequel Twice Upon a Christmas. Kirk later appeared in films like She's the Man, Final Destination 2, Dr. Dolitte 3, and X-Men 2.

He also appeared in made-for-television movies like Taken, All of My Heart: The Wedding, Category 7: The End of the World, Behemoth, Into the West, Word of Honor, and Family for Christmas.

Kirk also appeared in television shows like Smallville, Supernatural, The Troop, Dinosaur Train, Dead Like Me, Romeo!, Killer Instinct, and all five seasons of Edgemont as Travis Deosdade.

Aside from acting Kirk also works as a casting assistant.

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