Included in the DVD/Blu-ray home media release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree is a blooper reel, featuring fictional outtakes of various scenes from the film. Most of the gags included involve the film's cast of characters messing up their lines or alternate, comical versions of scenes.


Fluttershy: It is lovely out here. The fresh air, the cool breeze, the birds that land on your finger.
Rainbow Dash: I think that only happens to you.
Rarity: [screams]
[bird screeching]
Rainbow Dash: Or not.
Twilight Sparkle: I'm really glad I met you.
Timber Spruce: Uh-oh.
Twilight Sparkle: What?
Timber Spruce: [snooty voice] That sounds like goodbye. And here I was hoping we'd still be able to hang out.
Twilight Sparkle: [laughs] Oh, you! Just stop it! You have to take that off! I can't even! I can't! Cut!
Pinkie Pie: I was just tossing sprinkles to Fluttershy when all of a sudden they glowed. Is "glowed" right? "Glew"? "Glowed"? Glow-glow-glew? "Glew" sounds like it could be right, but I don't mean "glue" like it's sticky. I mean "glew" as in the past tense of "glow". But maybe "glowed" is right. It just sounds wrong, am I right? Glowed? Glowed? Glowed? Glowed? Glew? Glowed?
Sunset Shimmer: [giggling] Pinkie, just tell us what happened!
Timber Spruce: Whoa! I know I'm charming for— [babbling like Porky Pig]
Twilight Sparkle: How did you know what I was thinking? [sniffs, clears throat] Sorry for the snarf.
Vice Principal Luna: Why do you think we wanted our sta— [stammers, hiccups] Whoo!
[cast laughing]
Timber Spruce: ...and that my great-grandparents were traspass— "traspassing" on her land! Phew.
Principal Celestia: [laughs] Yes! Whoo! [laughing] So lonely cheering as one person.
Twilight Sparkle: It's Sunset. She says to meet her by the rock quorry. "Rock quorry." [stumbling over words] Wow!
Spike: [laughs] Rented lips?
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, funny! You say it! Rock quarry, rock... Yeah, say that five times fast! Rockquarryrockquar... rockrockquarry... rockaway— "Rockaway"? Rockqua... Whew, that's a tough one. [trills lips] Blblblblblblblblblblblblblb... Ooooh! Talk about a tongue twister. "Rock quarry"!
Applejack: So much for my theory that leavin' CHS would bean leavin' any new [stumbling] magic business behind... Sorry. [clears throat]
Flash Sentry: Hey, listen. I'm glad I ran into you.
Pinkie Pie: You know you want to.
Pinkie Pie: Marshmallows!


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