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This is a list of cutie marks from the series.

Cutie marks from Canterlot High School

Cutie marks present on only one character.

  • Three blue lozenge diamonds, Rarity
  • Three pink butterflies with cyan bodies, Fluttershy
  • Wand with crescent moon, Trixie
  • Three candies/Three bows, Sweetie Drops
  • Harp/Lyre, Lyra Heartstrings

Cutie marks from Crystal Prep Academy

  • Yellow lightning bolt, Indigo Zap (on her hairclip in the film)
  • Cloud with a star inside giving a blue lightning bolt, Indigo Zap (in merchandise)
  • Three berries on a leaf, Sour Sweet (on her hairtie in the film)
  • Purple heart inside a blue concentric heart with blue diamond outline in the front, Sour Sweet (in merchandise)
  • Flaring yellow sun, Sunny Flare (on her hairclip in the film)
  • Purple sun with pink rays and a blue rain cloud with purple raindrop, Sunny Flare (in merchandise)
  • Magenta-colored pair of lips, Sugarcoat (on her hairclip in the film)
  • A purple and yellow stick of dynamite, Sugarcoat (in merchandise)
  • Slice of lemon tart, Lemon Zest (in her headphones)
  • Yellow fireworks and a lemon slice, Lemon Zest (in merchandise)
  • Orange argyle pattern with yellow intercrossing lines, Trenderhoof (on his uniform sleeves)


  • Three pink cupcakes with cherries on top, Mrs. Cake