This page lists the edits made to the television airings of the first one-hour special My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship worldwide.

Discovery Family

The following scenes and lines were cut to allow for the 44-minute-with-commercials airtime:

  • All the title cards.
  • A brief shot of the Cutie Mark Crusaders before We've Come So Far begins.
  • A snippet of the memories flying throughout Canterlot City.
  • A scene in which Sunset Shimmer sees herself disappearing in Rainbow Dash's memories of the Friendship Games relay race.
  • A shot at the entrance of the library of Sunset doing a double take when passing by the pony counterpart of Flash Sentry.
  • A snippet of Sunset, Twilight, Celestia, and Luna walking to the restricted section entrance.
  • The scene in the restricted section where Princess Celestia shows Sunset and Twilight Sparkle the dilapidated mechanical catalog.
  • A snippet of Twilight mentioning her intention to fix aforementioned mechanical catalog.
  • A scene of Rainbow Dash providing her own commentary on the volleyball tournament, and Twilight as the cheering section.
  • A scene where Sunset and Trixie interrogate Micro Chips.
  • A brief shot of the Equestria Girls hanging near the portal before Rainbow sees the photo of Bulk Biceps next to their "Best Friends" photo.
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