Dawn Dazzle
FANMADE OC Dawn Dazzle

Dawn Dazzle art by PrincessTS.
Kind Human
Residence Fillydelphia
Occupation Student at Fillydelphia Modern High School
Student at Fillydelphia High School (formerly)
More info
Eyes Moderate violet
Hair Briliant amber with Luminous vivid blue and Light brilliant raspberry streaks
Coat Very light gold
Other names Dawn, Dazzie, Nerd
Cutie mark
FANMADE Dawn Dazzle cutie mark
Voice PrincessTS

Dawn Dazzle is a female student of Fillydelphia Modern High School.

Development and design

Dawn Dazzle was created by PrincessTS on the 14/04/16. Her body shape comes from Sci-Twi.

PrincessTS intended her to be smart like her. She thought that to really push it in, she would go to a school similar to Crystal Prep Academy. The only difference is that she has one friend from her old school.

In late June,2016, PrincessTS gave Dawn Dazzle a new history.


Fillydelphia Primary

Dawn used to go to a school where everything was easy in her opinion. The tests were too easy. Everything. (Apart from PE, she is bad at sports.) She got her homework done the day it had been given out.

Fillydelphia Modern High School

Her parents knew about Crystal Prep and didn't want Dawn to go the Fillydelphia Modern, an all-girls school, thinking it was the same thing. Dawn's parents thought about it, after seeing her report for the end of Grade 6, and decided to.

Turns out, they were bullies, but there was a nice principal (and dean). Dawn met a girl that had just transferred as well, Star Shine. The two became friends, then later BFFs.


Dawn is smart. That's exactly why she went to Fillydelphia Modern.

She is quite impatient and she used to get bored easily when at Fillydelphia Primary School.

She has autism and can get quite mad easily.

Main relationships

Star Shine

Current status: Best friends

Star Shine is also a complete nerd. They met when Star accidentally spilt her water on Dawn on the second week that they had been at FMHS. dawn forgave her and the two became friends, then best friends. They go to coding tutoring together on Monday. They also PM on the My Little Horse Infopedia's chat every Saturday.

Apple Crunch

Current status: Enemy

Apple Crunch is a bully.She picks on Star and Dawn for their nearly always perfect grades. Dawn and Star try to avoid her so they don't get in trouble.


Teacher at Fillydelphia High:" Miss Dazzle, what is-
"Dawn Dazzle: "879, Miss."
Teacher at Fillydelphia High:"Correct!"
Class:"How? What! Tell me how you do it!"
Dawn Dazzle: It's on the board.Major duh.

"Daisy Springs:Why are you so sad?
Dawn Dazzle:I got a A-! a A-!
— Refers to geography assignment.
"Star Shine:What's up.
Dawn Dazzle:Technically, the sky is up.
— While walking to school.
"Apple Crunch:Hello nerds. (sweetly) Now, orange-head, how 'bout you tell me how you passed the test? ... (bitterly) Now!
Dawn Dazzle:I just study. Everyday.
Apple Crunch:Any other ways?
Dawn Dazzle: Unfortunately, the Dazzling Dawn company has run out of ways to help you. Why not try the Shining Star company?
Apple Crunch:Shining Star company! I'm waiting!
Star Shine:The Shining Star company is closed today. Please try in 10 years.
— In the school hallways
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