Winter Storm
FANMADE OC Winter Storm

Winter Storm art by PrincessTS
Kind Human
Residence Manehattan (human world)
Occupation Student at Manehattan Primary School
More info
Eyes Moderate purple
Hair Dark cerulean
Coat Grayish cobalt blue
Cutie mark
FANMADE OC Winter Storm Cutie Mark

A storm cloud with a snowflake inside.

Voice PrincessTS

Winter Storm is a female student of Manehattan Primary School.

Development and design

Winter Storm was created by PrincessTS on the 29/06/16. Her body shape and eyes comes from Scootaloo.

PrincessTS intended her to "getting Cs and Bs in her report."

PrincessTS was originally going to name her Frozen Heart, but she decided on the name Winter Storm instead.


Manehattan Primary

Winter currently goes to a school called Manehattan Primary School.She had a friend called Rainbow Wave, who bullies people. Winter feelt like she had to be like Rainbow, so she also bullies with Rainbow.

On the first week of the school holidays, she decided that she was going to stand up to Rainbow Wave and not bully anymore. She practiced what she was going to say to her at night.

On the first day of the school term, Winter stopped bulling with Rainbow Wave.She got a new friend called Bright Star, who was the only person who knew that she really was reformed.

Rainbow has been trying to get back at her, making other students bully her. However, Winter is aware of this and makes comebacks like "I'm glad you realised!" Or "Thanks for the negative feedback!".

Main Relationships

Rainbow Wave

Current status:Enemies

Winter used to be friends with Rainbow, a bully at her school. She knew that shewas bullying, but didn't stop untill the the 18th of July, 2016. That day was the day they became enemies. Since then, Rainbow has been trying to get revenge on Winter.

Bright Star

Current status:Friends

When Winter broke up with Rainbow, she made a new friend named Bright Star. Bright Star was the only one who understood that Winter was reformed. They made a BFFL necklace together with a 3D printer in Science class.


Winter is very nice now. She is currently standing up for other people. She pushes herself to much sometimes though.


"Dear diary, I've managed to overcome another day of school. You know that I'm sweet here, but not at school. I need a solution."
— At home
"Kick (does action at the same time). It's all I'm going to do to you. Of course, give or take a soft punch."
— At recess, the old undercover area, Manehattan Primary School
"Stop this. I don't want us being bullies anymore. When you bully someone it hurts. I can't be your friend if you bully. I'm sorry, but if you need me, I'll be playing with Bright Star."
— To Rainbow Wave
" I can control my dreams! Yes! No more nightmares!"
— In her diary
"Right. Now everyone at school is going to be afraid of me because I was a past bully. What proves I'm reformed? Lots of stuff, Winter."
— After she stood up for herself.
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