"Friendship is Magic!"
Twilight Sparkle

I'm TheClydesdalePegasus149, but you can refer me as CP! I'm a fan of both My Little Pony and My Little Pony Equestria Girls. I'm a former editor for this wiki. I'm now active at the Miraculous Ladybug wiki, but here's some facts if you want to know about me.

About me

I live in one of the states from the Pacific Northwest region. I'm a shy, but smart student at school with a few friends. I'm an only child to a strict mother and a hardworking dad, whose want me to be successful for college. I'm also a fan of Miraculous Ladybug and let me just say that both My Little Pony and Ladybug both contain amazing storylines and elements with a few ship teases, of course!

Favorite characters

  • Nerds are the best.

    Sci-Twi: Oh come on, how can you not love a shy pretty-looking outcast of Crystal Prep Academy who now used to wonder what friendship would be.
  • Sunset Shimmer: Sunset is also my favorite. Because she also used to wonder what friendship would be, until her friends share the magic with her. Here's hoping she'll return to Equestria and meet Princess Celestia again.
  • Princess Twilight: Despite Sci-Twi's on my top list, Princess Twilight is very funny because of her lack of knowledge for fitting in at Canterlot High in the first movie.
  • Spike: I like both versions of Spike, due to their loyalty to their Twilights.
  • Photo Finish: Even though I didn't think much about pony Photo Finish, the human version is very funny. And her animated short Photo Finished is my all-time favorite.
  • Trixie: Again, don't think much about pony but human counterpart is funny. But I wish she have more focus with her bandmates besides during the Musical Show...I mean, the Battle of the Bands.
  • Sandalwood: The only reason I like him is because I ship him with Fluttershy. And I was so excited when I find out she secretly likes him in the Canterlot High Tell-All Journal!
  • The Dazzlings: Such an amazing group of villains. This is why we like Rainbow Rocks in the first place. My favorite Dazzling is Aria Blaze.
  • Shadowbolts: The five Shadowbolts (Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, and Sunny Flare) are cool. I didn't expect them to be served as "rivals" of our heroes. I can't decided which one is my most favorite, due to the fact each of them are funny too.

Ships/Pairings I support

  • Sandalshy: Cute!
    Microjack: Uh-oh.

    Sandalshy is my OTP! (Sandalwood and Fluttershy) Start shipping them in the beginning of the Cafeteria Song and was overily excited when the CHTAJ confirms it! I wonder if we see how Fluttershy react to Sandalwood in the shorts/films outside the ACADECA song.
  • Sci-Sentry (Sci-Twi and Flash Sentry) Sorry guys, but I ships Sci-Twi and Flash. Because the conflict between them is similar to me and my real life crush at school. I can't wait to see how Sci-Twi felt towards him. Twisentry (Princess Twilight and human Flash) may be cute, but I stick with where they're from and not from another world. Also I DO NOT support Sci-Timber (Sci-Twi and Timber Spruce)!
  •  Microjack (Micro Chips and Applejack) Okay, so the problem is that I ship Silver Shill and pony Applejack from Friendship is Magic. But thanks to ACADECA, I ship human Applejack with Micro Chips. Both ships are cute, but I can't decide which partner for Applejack
  • Characters I hoped will appear in EG soon;
    • Soarin (for SoarinDash, not counting the My Little Pony Annual 2013)
    • Cheese Sandwich (for CheesePie)
    • Fashion Plate (for RarePlate)
    • Ember, the dog (for Spember)

Message from me

See: My Final Decision
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